Carrier Rate Confirmation

Carrier Load Confirmation



Shipping Information

Note: For hazardous materials be sure to enter the proper shipping name, hazard class, ID number, and packing group.

For Haz Mat Only

Carrier Information
Proof of Delivery Requirements: Delivery Date, Time of Arrival / Departure from both Shipper / Consignee, Signatures of Shipper, Carrier's Driver, and Consignee. Consignee signature both print and written.

Terms & Conditions:
The following documents are required to process payment: a. Invoice b. Bill of Lading c. Legible Proof of Delivery d. And THIS signed Load Confirmation. Carrier or Carrier's driver must submit Proof of Delivery within 72 hours of delivery via fax or email. Fax: 906-774-1993 Email:

Billing Questions? Contact: 800-821-6389 Load/Rate Questions? Contact: 800-952-7848 or