US Specialized Service*

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Lift Gate

We have equipment with lift gates at each service center for those shipments that require delivery to facilities that do not have docks. We have built into this service pre-notification of delivery so your customer can plan and prepare for the delivery.

Freezable/Protective Service

No one does it as we do! We have the newest in heated trailers with forced air heat built into the equipment. For those extra cold days and weekends, we have an in-depth freezable policy to ensure the safe delivery of your product. In addition, our docks are heated, providing the assurance your product will maintain a safe temperature at all times.


Sometimes your delivery may require a pre-notification. We are happy to provide this service because we understand the challenges some businesses have with staffing and business hours. We work with our customers to help them have a less stressful day.

Inside Delivery

Does your shipment require to be delivered inside? We provide inside delivery on all our deliveries. Sometimes a customer needs their product taken to a specific spot within their facility. We term this “Inside Delivery” and we can provide this service. Let us know your needs and we will handle them for you!

Special Requirement Delivery Sites

Some carriers restrict themselves on the type of deliveries they will conduct because of the cost or challenge of the delivery. We will deliver to all your customers! We will provide deliveries to your customers whether the deliveries are to construction sites, convention centers, residential, grocery warehouses, school deliveries, and even if you need a two-man delivery team.

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