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Amanda Buehner — Wonderful to work with! Always love speaking with your customer service girls! Thank you for being an easy call whenever I  need to contact you for a shipment! I always get good solid honest information!
Amanda @ Dayton Freight Lines

Garth B., Employee — I started my career with this company as a driver and worked here for 5 years, I then disappeared for more than 18 years and gained an astonishing amount of knowledge in logistic management and have been blessed to be back with this company to finish my career with such great people, thank you to all who are behind the scenes each and every day making it possible for my team to deliver a great service that our company provides.

Pat Q., Past Employee — Best Job I ever had, 38 years! Retired Now but still a BIG part of my life, I will miss all of my friends, take care of the company for me, and it will take care of you, THANKS FOR ALL WE HAD

Joshua W., Customer— Dependable carrier, always picks up on time. The customer care department is friendly and helpful.

Brian M., Employee — I love my job! Great company to work for. I am a 17 year veteran with the company. I feel like I visit my friends all day and get paid.

Indeed (Employee Reviews)

“Fun job enjoyed the people I worked with!”

“Productive and fast-paced.”

“Nice place to learn on the job.”

“Fun place to work!”


I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to personally thank you and your team for coordinating the pickup of the 2 skids of grime boss wipes that went to the wrong location. They were here first thing this morning. These are critical to the cleaning and disinfection of our medical center in this time where it’s never been more important. You and your team continue to go above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated on our end. Please extend a BIG THANKS from our Supply Chain team to yours! – Email from Daniel R

I worked with Paul (a driver out of Iron Mountain). He went out of his way to help get my delivery in a timely manner. What great customer service. I appreciate it! Laura

Barb/CCC Dept. The manager received a call from a customer who wanted to call and compliment us on what an excellent driver we have in Danell, IMT Terminal Driver. She said that Danell kept in touch with her throughout the day so that she (the customer) did not have to wait at home for her to make the delivery. She also mentioned that Danell was personable, helpful, professional and very pleasant to deal with!

“Good morning. I am Kevin, and I want to tell you what a great employee you have with Trisha. I have shipped with your company a couple of times now and will continue to. Trisha takes all my worries out of shipping. She is very good at her job and makes it a pleasure to ship with your company. Again thanks,” – Email from Kevin, Customer

Rachel/CCC received a phone call from another carrier’s customer service complimenting Gene. re: a delivery to Christine K. and her husband in November. They stated that he was very patient with them, had a great attitude and was very kind. He helped them with the freight as they are an older couple and the freight was 264 LBS. They were impressed by his customer service. Great job Gene!

“I had the pleasure to work with Raquel on an order delivery for one of my customers in the past two days. I work with a lot of trucking companies and my normal response from them is nothing like how Raquel treated our situation. She was empathetic and responded with as much information (with honesty) as she could. I don’t get that a lot of times from other trucking companies, many times I don’t even get a response, let alone get the impression that they care about our customer. When I say OUR customer, I feel like Raquel treated OUR customer as she would her own. She seems to understand, if we lose our customers, you lose too. Unfortunately, many trucking companies don’t get that at all. Our bread and butter are yours. I hope the rest of your customer service staff is like her, and if they are… you are all very lucky. I will for sure ask for Raquel in the future should I need to call for anything, even though this was probably my first time and hopefully (no offense) my last.” – Email from Raina, Customer

Customer, from Washington Island, WI called to give kudos to the Green Bay terminal. He was ecstatic as he said his last few shipments had moved seamlessly and delivered promptly. – Phone Call from Customer

“Richard called me to express his very positive experience with his delivery today. He wanted to make sure I noted that her customer service was above and beyond; that she was very helpful; that she has a positive, cheerful attitude; that she volunteered to assist him; and that he was very, very satisfied with our service. He said that he’s always been satisfied with our service, but again, Danell really made an impression on him. He met her on the road, she was very conscientious of safety, suggested they conduct their business on the non-traffic side of the road. She expressed her love for her job and how much she appreciates working for US Special Delivery.” – Phone Call from Customer

“Hi, I wanted to contact you and comment on the great service that I received from your company and the driver who delivered my freight today. I’m sure that you usually only hear from customers with a complaint, so I thought that I would let you know how pleased I am with your service. Have a great day!” – Email from Kevin S., Customer

“Terry, Make sure to thank everyone for their help. Getting an early delivery was crucial to our successfully meeting a new customer’s deadlines. US Special Delivery came through for us, and we appreciate the extra effort.” – Email from David S., Customer

“Thank you so much. Great customer service. Please never change.” – Email from Victor H., Customer

“Thank you to everyone at US Special Delivery for the great customer service.” – Email from Dave S., Customer

“Looks like this out for delivery. I can’t thank you all enough for your quick response especially since I gave you such a limited amount of info regarding the order. Very much appreciate the team effort you show!!” – Email from Erroll F., Customer

“We received our shipment this morning safe and sound. I just want to express my sincere gratitude for your help and professionalism throughout this frustrating time. If only more people were like you. Thanks again.” – Email from Paula S., Customer

“US Special Delivery brought the order today. Could you let someone know we really appreciate having them as our delivery company? They are prompt, friendly, & very helpful, unlike the other private company that delivered to us in an old broken down van!” – Email from Becky K., Customer

“US Special driver just picked up ANNXPRP54308 Rapid River MI. The driver noticed no tags on the material and brought it to our attention. It is (because of ) good service like this is why we like to ship with US Special. They always give us good service.” – Email from Julianne O., Customer

“We received a compliment on Kraig’s driving yesterday. A driver who was behind Kraig on 694 in Minneapolis said that traffic was backing up and Kraig not only kept his distance but also put his 4 ways on as a warning to others behind him.” – Email from Sandy P., US Special Delivery HR Director

“Paul (Customer) said that he has EXCELLENT service every time that he uses our company! He can’t beat the great service and that we should be the carriers in Canada. It is a first-rate service.” – US Special Delivery’s Sales Bulletin

“I wanted to pass on a few words regarding one of your (CCC) reps. I called this morning regarding one of my pickups going to Beaumont, Texas. Her name is Christina and I deal with many salespeople from many different companies. Christina was very helpful and genuine, and her professionalism in dealing with my questions was outstanding. I hope you can pass this on as I was very happy with her service.” – Email from Jerry C., Customer

“Hi! I just received my delivery, and wanted you to know that your company and your drivers/ delivery personnel are the BEST! The driver (Danell, IMT Driver) today was prompt, courteous, and professional, and I greatly appreciate it.” –Email from Kevin S., Customer

“In a conversation, I had trying to track down 2 skids of fireplace inserts, I was told what a great driver we have. Michele (Customer) in Negaunee, MI told me that Jesse N., our driver out of IMT, is fabulous. Many times when we deliver there she is alone, & he goes over & above in his work to also help her out. Kudos & Thanks to Jesse!” – US Special Delivery’s Sales Bulletin

“Doris R., just called with glowing reviews of Danell V., IMT Driver. She said that Danell was a marvelous, courteous driver. She said she did a really good job, and Doris was impressed with her driving skills on her road in Iron River and her assistance with unloading.” – Email from Raquel B., US Special Delivery Customer Care Specialist

Good Afternoon, and Happy New Year Dick! Your rates look good. I was expecting to see more of an increase with the new gas tax and hike in vehicle registration fees in Michigan as of January 1. Your competitive rates help us “stay in the game.” Thanks for all you and your staff do for our company, Dick. Your help is always appreciated. – Mary (Long-Time Customer)