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By John D. Schulz · April 3, 2018
Freight markets come in highly predictable waves. Unfortunately for shippers, the wave they’re being hit with now contains a tsunami of… opens in a new windowclick to read more

US Special Delivery is part of the Pitt Ohio Transportation Group which is ranked 15th on the top 25 list.

We are offering 2-Day Service between WI/Twin Cities and PA, WV, MD, NJ, DE, and VA! Check out our core service area map – we are including the Mid-Atlantic Region. We still have the same personalized service but are now offering two-day transits between Wisconsin, Twin Cities, and PA, WV, MD, NJ, DE, and VA.

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Our Commitment to YOU…

We at US Special Delivery are committed to customer satisfaction. We are continually upgrading our web site to provide the greatest amount of automated, real-time, customer interaction possible.

Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with the tools necessary to accurately retrieve any and all information regarding your shipment.

We are pleased to announce that we have added NEW features to our customer Shipping Tools! We have made getting…

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* A Web Bill of Lading
* An Invoice
* A Freight Bill
* A Proof of Delivery

a whole lot easier!

No more making repetitive phone calls, waiting for a fax, or the mail to arrive! Click here for more details…